In the Valley of Salt – Nemacon

February 26, 2012 § 15 Comments

Nemacon was a day long pit stop, on my way to Villa de Leyva. An apt prelude to valleys, green pastures and hills, and serene villages that reside within. This little village was built by a salt mine. The mine is now on the tourist map. Although I took pictures of the mine a plenty, it is the village that fascinated me, its ample quietude and beauty.

When visiting places like this, it seems as though the landscape, the fickle light, the open spaces, small buildings rendered in playful colors, jutting against the looming hills – all collude seamlessly to create a unique atmosphere. What’s amazing to my novice eye is that this little village grew organically to create its own sense of perfection, no urban planners or architects proudly resting their case.

In Nemacon, a bright yellow cafe sits snug with an ice-cream parlor next door, an orange school beckons my attention, a green museum startles, and a white non-decrepit police station is almost missed in the blink of an eye. Few locals are found ambling here and there. Ironically, a lonesome truck reminds me of missing traffic. The town is in a happy state of siesta this afternoon.







Nemacon reminds me of color I so often miss in NYC. Its simple yet vibrant strokes are unapologetic, unrestrained and unforgettable. If you lust for tiled roofs lining the streets, doors, windows and walls with passion painted, churches posited in small town squares – there is more for you here in Valle de la Sal (Valley of Salt):


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