Disguised In Foliage

May 4, 2010 § 11 Comments

A recent trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens turned out to be quite different from what I expected. What I expected was devastatingly green foliage, blooming flowers and the sweetly pungent May air. All that, I found. But what I hadn’t planned for was the annual Sakura Matsui festival and the flurry of people who accompanied me on every other little patch of grass, along every other petal-icious branch and tree.

This festival weekend, the downer was that the cherry blossoms had already peaked past their bloom. What was lost in disappearing pink foliage, was more than made up for by the colors people brought along with themselves. Walking past the Bluebell Woods and approaching the Cherry Esplanade, I found myself slowly marveling at the people as much as I was enamored by the beauty of Nature around me.

The first Sunday of May,
We dressed up like Nature did.
Out we stepped into the sun-
In full bloom.

Running, posing, talking, playing – festivities abounded. Red, blue, green, pink and gold- colorful manes crowned many heads and bobbed about the green grounds. Kimonos flirted with jeans, and befriended skirts.
Which one is a disguise and which one is not? Colors that bewitch or sweet scents that intoxicate?!
Would you say adorned or disguised in foliage?

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