Lost In A White Night

February 12, 2010 § 39 Comments

I am in winter wonderland.

No, do not ask me about chugging traffic, scurrying pedestrians and day to day life. Talk to me about deserted white lands. Where howling winds rake white from the ground, where the white skies rain plumes of snow. Have you taken a walk in the still fury of a white night? I did, and I cannot get over it.

These images from yesterday would not leave me. Pardon me, as I take a pause to revel in my memories.

I heard the whispering winds gather some mist

Just yesterday, I was walking alone on a bridge.

How capable the weather is of changing the face of a city! No small-talk to me, this.

Yesterday, it painted this city white. Shopkeepers worked round the clock to keep the snow off their sidewalks and the city spent lavishly to shovel away every falling inch of snow.

It was desolate white streets that I craved. So I wandered away to where the snow was. Over the ground, on the trees and nothing in between, but soft shreds of light.

“Hark!” said the Snow to the Night,

When I perched myself on a shimmering hill

Amidst the white bowing trees.





Some kindred souls walked along with me,

They were where the lights were.

“How far to the rabbit hole?”

They laughed at me and passed,

As I mused at them solemnly.




I remember wishing I could survive the cold all night long. Stay.

And now I wonder if it was just me, or would you have felt the same too?

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§ 39 Responses to Lost In A White Night

  • prescott allen hazeltine says:

    Lovely, Juicer… Now this is winter as I remember it…

  • Love the images!
    Snowy nights are wonderfully quiet and pure. All the “dirt” is covered over, showing us the beauty that we live in, if only we look.

  • vidu says:

    great work Alice….very elegant

  • Surfaraz says:

    Love it! Great work on Shipra..

  • Gerard says:

    Splendid series ! I like the atmosphere.

  • Justin says:

    hey the photo in the tunnel is where they filmed the last scene of cloverfield hahah

    man i wish it snowed here

  • Neil Reid says:

    Shipra you did good, very good! Thank you for standing in, walking out, and bringing into sight what is almost invisible – the way you see and feel, both. Don’t even want to wait for these photos to finish downloading here. Don’t even all matter so much. But have to say right here and now – I love what your eyes are willing to see.

    To walk on the edge of a world so much larger than ourselves, and even a city as mighty as NYC is demure by comparison, is to risk to dare seeing the root of the physical. We’re clever, we’ve got mostly good rabbit-holes, but we’re not a snow-storm, not even so much as frozen flakes of rain. It is immense, yet in sight and thought we reach out beyond merely one body, one mind. Beauty comes easy to eyes willing to see.

    Can’t thank you enough for being there!

    • The Juicer says:

      Neil- Welcome back! I know you weren’t gone though…I read your lovely poems almost every other day in my WP dashboard;)

      The landscape did feel almost invisible. Moreover, I was literally blinded by the wet snow and the winds.
      Still can’t get over the amazing whites that surrounded me that night. I must have been spell bound, because I remember realizing how cold it was only after I had jumped into a cab after the shoot. It felt something like thawing:)
      Hope the pictures downloaded for you soon enough!

  • redpaperclip says:

    Beautiful shots! You’ve definitely capture the brrrr season very well! :)

  • kkhphotos says:

    Awesome images!!! and I will now stop complaining about how cold it has been out here. Well maybe not, but at least I may complain a little less.

  • Sean Fraser says:

    That is just so beautiful….the snow brings a calmness to the city

  • Manjit says:

    Really Nice…

    Could not make up my mind… whether I liked the pics more or the writing…
    Way to go!

  • David says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely.

    Having visited Central Park I know even more what a sensitive portrait you have made – but whether one knows the place or not, it is a magical portrait.

    Kudos and honor.

  • The Juicer says:

    My dear David, how musical your words are, how satisfying! Coming from you, this means all the more to me.
    And I will not hesitate to say that your friendly reminder about overexposing snow shots came so much in handy. I think, I went up to +1.3EV for some shots and even more!:)
    Apart from the technical, I am more than aware that the mood captured rules above all else, and grateful that you noticed. Delighted that you loved it! :)

  • Indrani says:

    Just sooooo beautiful!

  • Kathy says:

    Magic! I visited my daughter in Manhattan last May…wonderful to look at this NYC world in its snowy splendor.

  • Sean Fraser says:

    Watch out Juicer there’s more snow on the way

  • Love the tunnel shot, but all are so sweet to look at…and quite!

  • shirley says:

    OH! So beautiful, Shipra – in words and images..this is one of my favorite posts so far. I’m late to the party….love that you said, “How far to the rabbit hole?” : )

    Winter in NY. Something you will never forget, I’m sure. Although born and raised in CA, I spent one year in Cleveland – and experience Winter (with a capital W). It was glorious. I feel your excitement in this post. Awesome, friend!

    I’m taking a long break from my posting as I have a lot of work ahead on my plate (self-imposed, which is wonderful)..but I will be by to ponder your lovely images and words.

    • The Juicer says:

      A new project on your way? I hope it has to do with lots of lovely illustrations, and we get to see some when you are done!

      Yeah, this definitely is one of the most fantastical winters I have experienced in NY! Thank you for dropping by – did not realize this one had the potential to become a fav post for someone- its just delightful to hear that from you!
      The rabbit-hole analogy never left my mind. While I walked in the snow and peered through a sheet of falling whites, it felt like nothing else but wonderland :)

  • Sebi says:

    Hey nice pictures very nice…im from Germany :D sry for my english, i don’t know if it’s right ;)
    How is it to live in New York ? I’ve heard so much about it and Next Year i want to Travel to New York :)

    • The Juicer says:

      Thanks Sebi, glad you enjoyed the post.
      You are doing perfectly well with English, my congratulations!
      It is virtually impossible for me to describe what it’s like to live in New York ;) One has to live here to find their own meaning and relation to this city, and that would be true for most places, wouldn’t you agree? All the wonderful things you might have heard about NYC, I dare say, are probably true :) But then, I am a New york enthusiast, and probably prejudiced. Mea culpa!
      What I can tell you is that it is definitely worth the trouble to travel to, to live in long enough to know it as only a resident would know. Tall buildings, bumbling sidewalks full of people, blazing streets always over run with traffic, a medley of people and skin colors and languages…it is a young city full of energy. No dearth of art, theater, music, impromptu things to do or eat! In that order :)
      If you’d like to discuss more or have specific questions, we can chat more over email. Lemme know!

      • Sebi says:

        Wow that sounds very well :) I live (or life, at the moment I don’t know if it’s written with f or v :D ) on a small villiage in germany that is called Jaderberg, you can google it. But I think you can’t compare it with NYC. If I want to reach a theatre, or other things like that, I must drive 21 km (sry I don’t know how much miles it is) with the bus, or my parents must take me there. :) At the moment I’m 16 years old. Now i’ve no specify questions but I would be glad if you give me your email ;) Thank you for the nice answer, so I can enhance my English ;)

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