Maui- The Final Chapter

November 17, 2009 § 28 Comments

We come to end of our travels today.

I could have delved further into Maui, going street to street, one strange face to another, on a never ending trail. But it just feels like the right time to end this travelogue. Why? I would like to breathe the wind, the sun, the salty blue waters quickly and in one intoxicated gulp. And after having done so, I would like to return to NYC, here. I am beginning to miss sharing this city with you:)

If I had to describe this series, I would say that this is the most potent strain of solitude I experienced there. Moments of watching, wondering, and feeling like an inseparable part of nature. I hope that you will also see some of that, or maybe even more?

Come now…on to tasting these lovely memories. From blue-green days, to red-gold dusk. From the seas to the hills. Let us reminisce just once more.

While I relive these moments of awe, I fancy that you will, perhaps, imagine them as your own.

Have you snuggled in Nature’s lap too? Away from the bustle, the busy streets and tall buildings? What was it like, and which place do you remember most fondly?

Share with me, your sanctuary. Ah, you owe me that a wee bit now, don’t you? :)

-The Juicer at work

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§ 28 Responses to Maui- The Final Chapter

  • sampada says:

    The ripples in the water in the first picture… I can almost hear the ocean! Love the waterfall in #8. So many other beautiful ones too. I can’t pick one I like most! :) I knew that we’d get a visual treat when you mentioned you’re going to Hawai’i. You delivered!

    The last time I was so enamored with nature was our Dec ’08 trip to Bermuda! The waters were so blue; the night sky so black. I don’t remember seeing so many stars all together! I hope I see more places like that!

    • The Juicer says:

      Well, you heard it just right- the ocean was actually roaring on that beach!
      Thank you for visiting again…come have already picked the one that moves you the most haven’t you?:))
      Never been to Bermuda…but I would like to see it through your eyes, Ms. Semantique. Do post a link to those pics?!

      • sampada says:

        Here’s a link to Rajith’s Flickr stream, because he’d uploaded many more:

        St. George shops

        But there are a lot of pics in there that I’ve taken. :)

        • The Juicer says:

          Oh thank you for sharing Sampada! This is such a delight! I love:
          Framed, Cloudy Beach, Duck! (with a peacock head?:D), Dive in, Perot Post Office, Rocky, Clouds or UFOs, Sit Down. And I simply adore the St. George Shops and Pink Sand!

  • Maggie says:

    The beach pictures are really nice and it really looks like paradise.

  • Sumi says:

    beautiful ! have been reading all the posts…well written and lovely pics :)

  • Neil Reid says:

    Dear Shipra,
    What’s to say to appreciate all you’ve given us?

    You’ve gone and done it. Brought the whole parade to town! From first shy marching bands, processions in emeral green and cotton skies sparkling through pacific blue, a bridge where I would adore to meet someone just like you, a landscape, a seascape, a skyscape, a picnic table that someone remembers fondly to this day, a place where a mountain goat would be pleased to pronounce his love, and must be sweet sixteen, cause they all came to take her picture tonight, and probably (no scratch that please) yes, the singular most endearing sunset image that I’ve ever seen. Detail enough to feed the dog! Grand enough for any other excuse. Such that there is only one thing left to say – thank you for sharing yourself in this way!

    My eyes, my heart, have learned a few new things walking along with you. No lie, no flattery.

    And guess it’s done for now. Here comes the man with the broom! But yes, that also means again, welcome home. And always thanks!

    (And your other question – about Thanksgiving day I should be what passes for normal and home again!)

    • The Juicer says:

      Haha..’Brought the whole parade to town’! I love that expression, esp now that you use it here:)
      Thank you, dearly and from the bottom of my heart for weaving such lovely stories around these images…that seemed to stand solo, frozen in time past, until you brought them to life. Did I ever confess that I started taking pictures because they inspired me to write? The process is very akin to how you sprung on each one with your own splash of color! I am loving this!:)

      Ah, so back from vacation and home sweet home on Thanksgiving for you…nice indeed. Although, I suspect if you’ve been vacationing at all, far from it! You are all over this web, spilling lyrical thoughts all around! I am glad you never gave me a chance to miss you here.
      Gracias amigo.

  • Vicki says:

    Wow! Wow! Did I say Wow!

    I love them all. I have a feeling Sean will love the beach with the footprints. Gosh, Neil could write a poem about it!

    I have two I especially love, # 2 (with the volcanic rocks in the sand)
    and #20 ( the lit up huts on the beach) how utterly romantic!

    As always thank you for sharing!


    • The Juicer says:

      Grinning ear to ear looks like this in print-> :D
      I actually got mixed reactions to these pics off the blog, some expecting more ‘unreal/ heavenly’ pictures and disappointed, while some thinking these were literally unreal images, post-processed et al! All in all, so much feedback..and all so interesting!
      Thanks Vicki- Love that you too, cared enough to pile your thoughts here for me to mull over and enjoy them! Hugs to you too, my uber creative buddy!

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Vinay and Judith de Boer, shipra chauhan. shipra chauhan said: @judithdeboer @simplyvinay Oh thank you guys for the RT! Very much:)) […]

  • Must have been a long holiday! And an even longer hangover. Beautiful place.

  • sean says:

    I can see the moisture coming through my screen. I appreciate these photos much more knowing that they are an expression of how you were moved by your visit to Hawaii. Your feelings put the photos into a context. That’s the benefit of blog mates; the world is suddenly full of expression not just photographs.

    • The Juicer says:

      My blog mate! At last something to go by :)
      You come up with delightful thoughts Sean! Indeed photographs come alive when they express an idea/ an emotion/ a message. Perhaps what these say the most is the feeling of awe. A helpless dwarfing of self, when we meet Nature head-on.

  • Feanare says:

    Did you ever hear that sea shanty, “Rolling Down to Old Maui”? It’s far from as sophisticated as your pictures, but it does for sure give a certain feeling. And a longing, for clear blue water and brilliant sunsets.


    • The Juicer says:

      No I haven’t heard that one before…will give it a listen now!
      I would’ve liked a rustic flavor to my pictures actually, but I needed more time to get to that bit of Maui. Which I didn’t have. For now, this sea-song will have to do:)
      Thanks Feanare!

  • Maybe its time to move on to other things, but this interlude was sweet. Great stuff and BTW I enjoy the written portion as well.

  • fotdmike says:

    As you know, despite being a “secret visitor” to your quite amazing blog for some little while I’ve been hesitant to comment. All your visitors seem so close to you and familiar, and with so many meaningful things to say, that I’d feel myself intruding.

    And I’ve been quite content to view your work from afar… a secret admirer if you will.

    But this present post of yours demands an absolute exception. The images are superb. Wonderful. And I just can’t restrain myself. There is such a quality to them that I can feel myself there. And oh so many of them I would have loved to have captured myself.

    Thanks so much.

    And now I can retreat contentedly back into my more familiar role ;)

    • The Juicer says:

      Mike….actually I am surprised, and now I also see how my lovely visitors might appear to someone else:) Most of the visitors are actually bloggers I have come to know through their work online, or just impersonal readers, and formed a bond with them along the way…just like we both did!! So, pls don’t stay away! You are so welcome here and I am delighted that you chose to write on my page :D
      And thank you for the thumbs up…a part of me feels I am not so good at landscape photography. But this space has not been so much about good or bad, just sharing and having fun with it. If the images speak to my readers, generate a conversation, or the write-ups get under their skin, it just feels all the more better:)

      • fotdmike says:

        Yes, on reflection I suppose this sense of intruding could easily be felt by anyone approaching an established little community where all the participants appear to know each other really well.
        Takes a little while I guess to get a sense of the dynamics of such gatherings.

        Ah, the self-doubting about one’s own photography! I know it so well. But isn’t this just as it should be… the constant striving for that elusive quality that may eventually render at least some of our pics memorable?
        I too, although fretting in my private moments about the technical merits (or lack thereof!) of my snaps, am really only about sharing the visual experience of my own little world, no matter how poorly conveyed. And having fun of course.

        In fact for me I suspect the latter plays the larger part ;)

        As for your images speaking… well, they’ve been talking to me for quite some time now, as you’ve probably guessed. And this latest batch? Simply wow! Not just talking, but talking meaningfully, spiritedly; richly inflected words that transport the listener (me!) to another place entirely.
        All are nothing less than superb, but my absolute total favourites have to be 5, 9, and 20. I am so envious. Envious that you were there, and saw it all for real. And envious that you have managed to capture it so evocatively.

        Damn! Does this mean I’m no longer a “secret” admirer? :)

  • Rabi says:

    So I’ve been rather absent from this side of the blogging community. I am SO jealous at the fact that you have been doing some travelling. I’m afraid unversity doesn’t allow you to imagine such things (that and getting a little too involved with Campus events as a photographer =D).

    Looking forward to getting back to this blogging community again.



    • The Juicer says:

      Rabi…so glad you are here!! Enjoy your time at school…and do not fret…you will be welcomed in this blogging world anytime…wander off by all means but do come back:)
      In fact, I envy you for being at school, I wish I could again! Ah, I want your green patch! :)

  • Stunning scenery, I hope you enjoyed every breath you took in that earthly paradise! Don’t forget to bring me next time!

    • The Juicer says:

      I did Scott- enjoyed it immensely. But as the vacation drew to an end, I was beginning to miss New York:)
      You bet I will reach out to you the next time – to bloggers’ paradise!

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