Rain And Games

November 10, 2009 § 17 Comments

It was sunny and warm where we were- in the plains.

Our plan was to drive through the mountains that day, on the road to Hana. Tropical and lush green rain-forests awaited us on the other side.

Bad news. It was pouring in the mountains on the east side. Was it a better idea to lie on the beach, where the sun was?

We sought advice from the locals:

“Oh you are going to drive up the mountains in the rain? It will be sooo beautiful, ya! Everything will be green and mist everywhere!”

That settled it. Not many people would choose to drive around in the rain, and so we would!  N., A. & I packed ourselves in the car and headed towards the thunder.

After about two hours on the road, we were swinging through the hilly loops. On the left, way below, was the roaring ocean. On the right the hills: soaking wet and  luscious green. We stopped on and off,  peered down below, into the mist. The sea was getting muddy by the shore, the waves lashing against tall rocks with fury. When we stopped next to a waterfall, I was adamant about getting out and trekking up closer to the falls.

So I did. Mud clung to my feet, rain slithered down the shoulders, green & yellow branches hung low over my head and slid down my back as I moved forward. Click. I wondered about snakes and scorpions. Click. My camera was wrapped in my dress, but to no avail. Rain was everywhere. The waterfall was not the sight I was hoping for- a muddy brown pool awaited me. And then, I read the warning sign:

“Flash flooding could occur anytime.”


In a moment, I was scampering back to the car, aware of a vague impending calamity, soaking wet and cold.




N gave me a look as if to say “Are you done?”

I nodded a yes. Sadly, I was done.

As we moved ahead, I was agonizing over lost opportunities, dreading the frustration I was going to feel throughout the day. If this was how it was going to be (rain & impending flash floods), then how was I to walk deep into the greens, and capture the wet and wild forests?!

Presently, the rain slowed down for a bit, and we stopped by the road to take in the view. We were overlooking the Keanae Peninsula. Filled with taro and banana patches, and lined with a rocky coastline. The small, sleepy town was hard to miss.



The northern sea was harsh around these shores and the rain was coming back with renewed strength. Luckily, the shore was not what we were looking for at the time. Hunger had sprung our insides unanimously, and nothing was to deter us from lusting after the famous Aunt Sandy’s Banana Bread in Keanae down below:) The plan was to get fed, and get out, back on the road.

When we reached Aunt Sandy’s shack, the bread had just been pulled out of the oven. Believe me if you will, the sweet smell was drafting out in the street. A few warm and nutty slices later, suddenly, A. sounded alarmed. This was very unlike him, or so I thought. The normally placid, calm and cool A. was now fidgety, anxious and even appeared threatening. Apparently, A., had sounded alarms several times before, but we had not been listening.

A., repeating himself: “I need to pee right now!”

N., unperturbed: “What’s the hurry? Chill.”

A., threatening: “Dude, get me out of this car right now.”

N.,  “Oh…that bad? Ha Ha. Sure!”

A., agitated: “Not here Idiot! We need to drive out from here and find a restroom!”

N., incredulous: “Where will we find a restroom here?”

A., knowingly: “Just drive in that direction, there’s a restroom a little ahead of here.”

So we drove further into the town. If it were not for A., we would not have. And I would not have had the pleasure of sharing this series of images with you. A. found his restroom and I found my photo-opportunity.

This was the view on my left, getting steadily obliterated by the heavy rain:



And something else on my right: A football field. Filled with pools of water- partly muddy, partly green. Young boys clad in board shorts ran and jumped about their game, completely oblivious of the rain, the mud, the photographer.


















It was their simplicity and their playfulness that took me in.

While I was blinded by the rain; while I stood almost still, lest I distracted them by walking about the field; while I was holding on to my slippery camera in trepidation – it was just their lovely earthiness that I tried to capture. Now, I can also see that I did not play with the frames or the POV much. So please do pardon this awestruck photographer.

Looking back at these images, that simple joy of childhood comes bounding back to me. Honestly, that is more than I could have hoped to capture anyway.

– The Juicer at work

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§ 17 Responses to Rain And Games

  • Neil Reid says:

    As always Shipra! (And me now in Seattle, using this strange machine – not my Mac. Struggling some.)

    But also, just to say hello, and – loved the jungle green, loved the rain streaks on the window looking at the trees and stormy surf (there’s that blurry again!) and then – you are a surprise and a delight – your unexpected series of the boys playing ball in the rain and flooded field. Your photography is as playful as they were that day!

    You so totally have my admiration as a “picture giver”! (And don’t they always say picture “taker”, and I do understand, but that misses the even more critical moment of the process – not the gathering, but the giving away. How will the meal be served? That counts! I like how you cook!)

    Hmm.. might you guess I had an early Thanksgiving meal last night. I did!

    • The Juicer says:

      Good to see you Neil…I am surprised you are still around when away:) Thanks so much for dropping by.
      Interesting thought there- not a picture taker but a picture giver. I don’t think of myself as the giver when I take pictures, yes, it feels very much like I am taking away something with me. But the fact remains that I crave to share it when it’s done, to give it away to whoever may care to take a look. You twisted that around for me now, and I have been mulling over it for quite a bit!:D
      I am glad you enjoyed the meal- a hearty one this one! Love the analogy dear word giver!

      • Neil Reid says:

        Thanks and you’re welcome too!

        How might a farmer look at what they do? I think they think about “providing” food, not taking it away from the soil. Might be about “direction”, do you think? But analogies, well you know…

        So here’s the thing. The core notion really is to nudge yourself just a bit, shift who you think you are, shift what you think you do – and you can – why?, well simply because you’re the one who already has said how it is. And you can again. Then look, consider how it feels inside, when you think of yourself as taking something, then again as giving something. I’ll let go any right/wrong. And I can’t say for you anyway. But maybe you look, see what might change, what might serve, as you want to be. And I wouldn’t even have brought it up, except that I already see something of that shift in you. It makes me feel welcome too.

        Alright, back to whatever I was doing… Later friend!

  • Feanare says:

    Your pictures and words always put a smile on my face, no matter what. And please don’t worry about technical stuff and should-have-dones because in the end of the day photography is about emotion. The ability to touch people, making them remember your frames or think something new.
    And you do that, quite often I dare say.

    (I have a feeling this is my way of saying I am sorry for being away for so long. It feels good reading your posts again…:) )

    • The Juicer says:

      Hey Feanare…you are back!! I will be looking forward to seeing beautiful posts from you :D
      Thank you for the lovely words…it was fun shooting and sharing, and you are right, should-have-dones are so passe’ :)

  • Life-giving water. Awesome pics in their simplicity. Thanks for sharing.

  • David says:

    As usual – full of feeling and a pleasure to read.

    And the serendipity of finding the great game those young men were playing – all because A led to B.


    • The Juicer says:

      David…thanks, I loved writing this post. Smiled to myself at times, while writing it down ;)
      Yes, so it happens, so often, A leading to B; serendipitously. Looking back it is almost always so clear to us, exactly when and how even the most inane choices lead us to where we are.

  • seanfraser says:

    Jucier I just love reading your posts……I’m voting for you…I love the greenness of the shots………. it looks so lush.

    PS I’m agreat fan of water sports …those guys look like they’re having fun…we use to ride our bikes in the rain during summer afternoon storms.

    • The Juicer says:

      Do you ride in the rain now? I wonder.
      I myself would like to very much, to go back to the simple pleasures of nature, to the impetuous impulsiveness of childhood. Sometimes, it is exhausting being an observer. I had rather just join in the fun. I keep thinking I could have, while I was there. I should have :)

  • Vicki says:

    Rain drops….how divine, just like you and your photographs!
    Always share your talent Shipra…its much needed in this world!

    Well done Sweetie!


  • Maggie says:

    Sounds like an adventure. You’re top pictures were definitely worth getting there, and the rain probably gave it a more interesting effect then the rain would have.

    • The Juicer says:

      Maggie- thanks for dropping by! It was an adventure of sorts…much different from my life in the city:)
      I am not very experienced with photographing in the rain, but every time I do, I get this overwhelming thrill thinking I’m daring the weather gods and taking a chance! You are right, rain lends a very different feel to a landscape: out in the country or in the city. So yeah, I guess I should play with it more often:)

  • vidu says:

    there is lot of sweetness in all the shots where the young boys are playing…

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