The House of Sun

November 7, 2009 § 24 Comments


Today, dear reader,  we climb to the summit of a massive dormant volcano in Haleakala.

Haleakala is situated on the leeward side of the Maui rain-forests and forms a mass of undulating conical hills and craters, rising up to ten thousand feet above sea level.

Without the risk of exaggerating, I can safely say that this surreal place casts quite a spell on its visitors (I call it cumulus spectacularis!). High up in the clouds, it is known to offer a front row seat to one of the world’s most beautiful sunrises.

Unaware of the beauty about to unfold (and unprepared for the stinging cold), I was there, to witness the sun set instead. (Why? Well, it’s kind of complicated. Firstly, I am partial to sunsets. Secondly…well, I had rather not say, lest my boss is reading this)

The picture taking part was as easy as it gets. In fact, wherever I turned, the view was breathtaking. I had all the time in the world to do nothing and keep shooting.

The sorting, my friends, turned out to be quite a pain! What to include in the post, and what to withhold? Every image seems so unreal back here in NYC. Just out of this world, and quite literally so.

Square, HD-esque, or just plain old Landscape? Almost all of them captivate me in all shapes and sizes. And to complicate things further, I played quite a bit with different exposures while clicking, so that now my options of picking a certain frame or shot have multiplied by multitudes.

Trouble with too much choice?! Yes, there is, and it’s precisely this – more decisions to make! My little editor is now tired and slinking away. I have decided to give up making much sense to myself, and leave the judgment into your capable hands.

There is no more room for words. Here are three sets of images that speak.

Strings & Ribbons




Red Blue And Gold


Cotton Peak

Sloping Sun

Beaming Sun


The March


The Sun's Parlor


Shifting Sands

A Sea (1)

A Sea (2)

A Sea (3)

A Sea (4)

– The Juicer at work

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§ 24 Responses to The House of Sun

  • We were there last October and these bring back great memories. Sweet-ass gallery Shipra. Thanks.

    • The Juicer says:

      Last October…we were there during the same season then (if not the same year)! Did you catch loads of rain (I did!)? It’s possible the weather went askew during my trip because of the Tsunami that hit Sonoma islands…
      Thanks for coming by FJ, and for the thumbs up!

  • Justin says:

    it looks so yummy im hungry for some reason after looking at those haha
    i really like the first picture.

    did you crop these?

    • The Juicer says:

      Ooh..if this stirred your appetite then I will need to take the responsibility of whetting it too!:D Future posts should help us both!
      Yeah..i cropped the first pic and the ‘Strings and Ribbons’ set to create an allusion of wide view. ‘Red Blue & Gold’ are square crops…were great as regular landscapes too but I wanted to experiment.

  • Vicki says:

    I’ve been to that volcano, but I felt like you just took me to the top of Mt.Everest!
    Absolutely beautiful my darling Shipra!
    You always deliver such joy and never disappoint!

  • seanfraser says:

    Hey Juicer,

    looks like I got here first……. just fantastic brings back memories…..really love
    Afloat the hills,
    cotton peak and of course

    you’re right putting a name to the pics is a good idea

    • The Juicer says:

      Sean…thank you! Afloat The Hills was taken a short trek away from the main route, just a few loops before the summit. Cotton Peak was the view right at the top of the Sliding Sands Trail, and Infinity as you might’ve guessed was taken at the summit.
      I am glad the titles help. Anything to make things easier!:)

  • Surfaraz says:

    Great Pictures Shipra! just took me into the different world… i desperately need to get out of NY soon. :-)

    • The Juicer says:

      We live the city life, preach the city life, love the city life, but once in a while, Nature calls (not the everyday nature calls!! heh), and it’s time to get outbound :) Hope you get to escape soon!

  • seanfraser says:


    when I was there they made a big deal about a special plant the “silver sword” is that still there in the crater at Haleakala.

    • The Juicer says:

      Hey Sean, yes I saw the silversword plant! I had no idea what I was clicking at the time, but I took a picture in passing…embedding a link to the image here

      • seanfraser says:

        I went to flicker and “gazed” upon the sword…hmm I’m not sure I’d want one like that in my home..

        • The Juicer says:

          Haha! It’s not a great picture to begin with! I was walking by and l just thought it looked very strange:)
          Did you notice how the young one is green and circular, and the older one dry and tall?

  • Neil Reid says:

    You do yourself proud again. Shipra, I love your eye! I could say, “no surprise”, and true enough, however words I’d rather not use with you – because you do! Each time I think my plate is full, you find something new. New and bright and chromatically fresh!

    Strings and Ribbons add dimension to that thread horizon is, and the way E. Hooper would be pleased with your light. I think about this line oft enough, and beautifully you see what draws my interest out.

    Red Blue and Gold, gosh! (my nickel word). How many “sunsets” have photographers taken (ha! or poems written)? More? Might first think, thanks, no thanks, but you make me instead only want more. Not what I’ve seen before. (These make me think some of what friend Sean once had posted on his site – nothing but sand, sea and sky. Sadly, now gone. Where that Postcards poem of mine came from. Something like those, but far more “fierce”, if you’ll pardon or understand that word.)

    Shifting Sands! I love that you are willing to let this scene be just as it is, and also allow it to refresh itself as it sees fit. Generous I think! An act of simple love to those clouds and hills. Oh yes, each set here sees in a slightly different way, each so welcome to be received. And it is not only the beauty you present I appreciate, but equally, what you allow us to see within ourselves.

    Might I be allowed that now ancient phrase? Pretty cool!
    And my thanks.

    • The Juicer says:

      And I cannot help but say thanks over and over again! :) You observe Neil, and so well. E.Hopper’s sensitivity! I do feel flattered a bit.
      Red Blue and Gold- you are right these are just images vaporizing high up in the sky. Sun, clouds, sand- diffusing together. No props in the foreground (or people) to create interest, as is typically expected and warranted in an interesting sunset shot. Just miles and miles of sky, a risk, and so be it:)
      Shifting Sands- I am so glad you liked this set! It’s my favorite. And precisely for what you observed. That changing light and those morphing forms had me captivated.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and adding so much to this page!!

  • David says:

    My favorite – the first in the Strings and Ribbons set – lovely

  • Vishal says:

    love that pic .. infinity ! good eye shipra …

  • vidu says:

    lovely images…

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