Baby You Can Drive My Car!

November 2, 2009 § 36 Comments

Beep Beep! Beep Beep Yeah!

Today we begin our trip through Hawaii: Slip or slide in, buckle up or not, you will now take a ride with me!

This one is a fun journey: Quick on its feet, uncensored, unedited and on four wheels, top down.

To be honest, at the time, I was felt frustrated whenever we were on a highway and couldn’t stop. True to Murphy’s law, just then and almost always, an impossibly beautiful panorama passed my lens by. Hold it. But. Looking back, I am glad I did not stop clicking. Around the hairpin loops in lofty hills or while speeding down furiously fast lanes stretching into the horizon, I kept at it, shooting away doggedly. Of course, the results are not anything like what you get on a tripod, silly. Rules are rules, and you gotta follow them when driving, but not when shooting, right?!

Ah, if you look at this reckless piece of shooting through a motion sick lens, you might even wonder what the heck this is all about anyway. Well, don’t. This is about fun, happy accidents, and the fact that photography is about indulging oneself, not giving in, and yes, taking it all in. Ever played a poker game? There is no rush like going all in. And there is definitely nothing like doing it with wind blowing in your face, camera threatening to fly, hair whip-lashing your face, down, down…down the long road.

The idea is to take you on a long drive with me. A sneak peek into what awaits. The way I saw it first, from the sidelines, without getting my feet muddy or wet. From dawn to dusk. From bright blue seas and emerald hills to deep red skies. Hazy and fuzzy. Soft and sublime. Like a tentative bear hug.

So, let’s put this baby into Drive. Relax, let the world whizz by…and while you are at it, lean over and kiss the wind, will you.



















While we are concentrating on being not-so-picture-perfect, let me take the liberty to slide in a few brush strokes. Shifty shadows spilling into color. Not art, they say, but I say, so so much funnn!





One observant reader suggested that I number my photos so it is easier to comment on, or point out one. So now I am giving these images a title, sometime numbered and sometimes not. Scroll over the images to get to them.

And spill some ink here!:)

The juicer at work

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§ 36 Responses to Baby You Can Drive My Car!

  • These are pretty great!! I love the three before the last one especially… but I love the energy of the whole set. It must be wonderful to be traveling. Your getting me excited for a trip I’m about to take to New Zealand. I may just have to do some hanging out the car window shots now that I’ve seen these. :)

    • The Juicer says:

      Thank you for indulgent words Americanvirus! It was so much fun traveling…I wish I could do that for a living!:)
      I can imagine New Zealand being so picturesque that you might not know when to stop shooting (kinda happened to me too!). Pray do hang out of your car, and make sure you are anchored! :D

  • prescott allen hazeltine says:

    Lovely, just lovely…

    Thank you for posting, and allowing me to travel with you in the backseat of your car… You have taken me places I have never gone myself…

    I’m not only extremely fortunate, I’m very grateful.

  • The Juicer says:

    Scott, I am delighted to share the ride with you! Thanks!
    More to come…and not on four wheels, but feet firmly planted on the ground:)

  • Yashasvi Sharma says:

    Nice stuff Juicer..
    I Love the nature pics. particularly the horse shot through the tree branches.. :) quite like it.
    As for the jolty images I think the coconut trees pic is nice but the one after that is the most intriguing. What is it though?

    • The Juicer says:

      Yashasvi! You are here! So happy to see ya:)
      Thank you…I thought I was going to invite a lot of burfs and blahs with these pics. But trust me, I was ready to face the music, in fact, that was the idea. Heh.
      The one after the coconut trees is a cruise-liner on the sea. Don’t ask me where those shadows/ dark strokes come from- not my hair flying onto the lens I assure you! :D

  • Neil Reid says:

    There you go again – being you! I love your willing eye! Willing and able to see however it comes to you. Feet on the scene or flying through it, either way. And your comments only make clear your eye inside the lens. Encouraging, inviting!

    I’ve not been to Hawaii myself (almost – to live there – but then, not), however some like your SF images, I more easily relate to this more native landscape. And you make it feel familiar, like I already know, but am find something new. How’s that possible?

    Ha! Naming your pictures! Well I understand the utility, and I certainly have specific images I feel more kinship with, however it is always the “whole” of your perspective I most appreciate. More than only “art”, rather, personal – that pulls me in. Although of naming names I do adore your last title here, Roaring Bears Howling Wolves – wonderful name! And, yea it fits.

    And thanks for “including” the blurry-streaking-moving-down-the-road images. Always room for something more abstract (as did some of your Rain in NYC photos too). And I love it both ways. Except I think there’s more than only two I see. Great work once again Shipra! I look forward to what’s next. Thanks!

    • The Juicer says:

      Neil, sorry…somehow missed replying to you until now. Thought I had already!
      You are right, it was such a native landscape. And I can imagine you cruising through Hawaii and being totally at home. Not the city boy, I remember, from your own admission:) If you ever get the time, you should definitely travel to some of these islands, much closer to you, and I imagine, beckoning.

      It is my intention to create a story with every post, and in my mind, these images are inseparable. What you said- is music to my ears. But sometimes, I guess, they might not appear so to the readers. Or maybe, some stand out and speak to them louder. Thanks for noticing that title:) I might title a short story after it someday:)

      Glad you like the abstracts…happy accidents those.

  • shirley says:

    Hey!! So great to see you back and posting from your amazing trip. Love the last photo title…very clever, and I do see it! I dunno…I am such an oldie – so I totally appreciate how you wanted to add some fun to the last few pics…but I think I’m just lovin’ the true-to-nature-and-how-it-displays-itself-for-us kind of shots a touch better. I hope you don’t mind me sayin’ that. It’s SO good to hear from you again. I am glad that you posted – Monsieur Olivet…you bring up a good question. I had him in my thoughts this morning. I am pondering illustrating his travels and discoveries, instead of mouse and pig. I think he has a bit of je ne sais quoi! And, I’m happy that you picked up on that (at least I think you did) : ) I shall be by again soon… and lastly, I think I just sat with your very first shot for the longest time. It put me right into some other space (which was super)…a space of tranquility. Awesome!

    • The Juicer says:

      Hey Shirley…I am glad you speak your mind. That’s what I look forward to in the comments section. If you like the true to nature ones, there are so many more to come, so get saddled up!:) Thank you for coming by and sharing your thoughts.
      About Monsieur Olivet- you are right. There IS something about him that is so intriguing and likable. A very interesting character, and I would love to hear his stories from his travels. I think he is the one!

  • Lindsey Best says:

    Wow! My favorite is “driving into horizon”… wonderful colors!

    • The Juicer says:

      Thanks Lindsey! No planned pictures here…actually not even a moment to compose…so I am exceptionally grateful for the kind feedback! In fact, this is turning out to be an unbelievable run.
      What about- don’t click like an idiot, think before you click, what the hell is this?! Am I to assume that fun is all we care about? Well then…cheers to that!! :D

  • Neil Reid says:

    Shamelessly, Lost boys. Sssh… a little follysome poem here dedicated. Think these boys would like Hawaii too?

  • kkhphotos says:

    Awesome photos!!! Hope it’s a wonderful trip!

  • I love your writing as well as the poker analogy. I’ve played Texas hold-em for 15 years. The photographs are stunning. I looked through your Frisco post which I somehow managed to miss as well, and loved it. You really have amazing talent and a refreshing view of our beautiful world!! I’m coming to Hawaii with you guys next time!!

    • The Juicer says:

      Oh Scott, of course! I could envision you as a seasoned poker player:)
      Quite kicked about the writing bit, thanks for emboldening me! Another trip to Hawaii? Haha. Well wherever it is the next time, I will check-in with you. Sounds like a good plan!

  • Som says:

    Huff….i really enjoyed the drive…thanks for the arrangements…..:) Great work.

  • I love the gorgeousness that is the blurry pics. And maybe it’s just me, but scrolling down through the pics had this calming relaxing feel about it. Must be the memories triggering memories, we are all just fleeting butterflies afterall! :)

    • The Juicer says:

      I knew you’d like them blurry things:) Don’t ask me why.
      I have a new theory: The circumstances in which an image is taken, somehow, very miraculously, leave their stamp on the image. Of course, in this case, they were taken while driving, hence the obvious blurriness, and tilted horizons..but the sense of happenstance, the relaxing feel you noted..probably comes from the fact that these were taken during an easy breezy drive through a beautiful country, tainted with the happy knowledge that we will discover even more wondrous sights when we step out of the car and get up close. Which in turn springs from memories triggering such memories…how well put your words are.

  • izaakmak says:

    Nice post. Great pics.

  • Neil Reid says:

    Lots fond of those blurry pictures huh!

    Just a line (in case you don’t check so oft) that I left a little email for you at your gmail.

    Keep having fun!

  • seanfraser says:

    Hi Juicer,
    love the pics, the story and the layout. The islands look so beautiful and good to see so much unspoilt green, green, green countryside. Did you get to Ka’anapali and Kapalua?

    • The Juicer says:

      Sean- welcome back!:)
      How long ago were you in Maui? I visited Ka’anapali and the Napili Beach and just a bit of the surrounding area in Kapalua. The trip to Napili was on my last day in Maui and I am glad I made it there!
      Hey, what do you think I should post next- the devastating Haleakala or the pristine beaches?

  • seanfraser says:

    It’s been a while I’ll send you a pic and you’ll see. Maybe you were at the same spot.

    I think Haleakala then the beaches, I’ve been there a few times and went up Haleakala to see the sunrise and then do the down hill push bike ride from mountain to coast. It was just fantastic.

  • Tom Hardin says:

    Thank you for taking me for the ride across places I have never been to but would like to someday.

    Oh yeah!
    I AM with you.
    Love the photos–the clouds, the fog, the water, the greens….thank you, Juicey One.
    Yum Yum = Wind Kissings

  • Vicki says:

    In a word….perfect! Love your writing style and the eye of your camera!

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