A Blaze

September 21, 2009 § 28 Comments


This post is a short follow up to It’s Raining in Midtown.

Everybody is fascinated with the Empire State building. Really. It was the tallest building in New York before the World Trade Center towers came up, and is back to being the tallest again. And although, I myself am in love with another (FlatIron), on that day, I came back with some surreal shots of the former. Its floodlights blazing in the rain.

The irony that I walked by this building almost everyday and never shot this phenomenon before, was at first, quite befuddling. Then it dawned on me: it’s because I never cared to notice. There are always hundreds of tourists clicking away around this block,  and all I do is duck and dodge, attempt to get away from the mayhem as quickly as possible.

When shot for this post, the top of the building was lit up a blazing red. Clouds hung low about it, and as the light changed and rain shifted, a sort of a red halo formed in the sky.

The gorgeousness:






The floodlights change color all the time, in celebration of various events in NYC as well as across the world. Imagine the possibilities!

And this, when I was shooting with my 18-105mm VR D90 kit lens. What would you have preferred to use if you could plan a shoot like this one? :)

– The juicer at work

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§ 28 Responses to A Blaze

  • Simone says:

    These photos are very beautiful and unique, I like the effect of light that meets the clouds. You were great as always. ;-)))

  • You’ve outdone even yourself! Awe-inspiring shots, you should be famous by now! What would I prefer to use? Since I don’t know anything about photography, you tell me?? I know that if I would have shot it with my Fuji digital Finepix you would see a faint, barely visible light near the top of a hazy blackish/grey light. I need a decent/good camera. Not ridiculously expensive. Give me your sage advice, please!!

    • The Juicer says:

      Scott- Thanks for making me feel famous! Who cares if I am or not?:)
      I would have liked to use 300 mm zoom, a tripod only if attached to an assistant, and also a Wide angle lens try!
      Your Fuji travails sound very familiar to my point ‘n’ shoot camera days. Creativity is quite possible, but there are definitely loads of limitations. What would I suggest? Depends on what you consider ridiculously expensive:) I will email you.

  • David says:

    What would I use? – A Nikon D3 or D700 on a tripod and 600mm lens with a 1.4 adaptor


    And about looking or not looking:


    • The Juicer says:

      Oh yes, a tripod:) I really avoid one in general! Have borrowed one heavy duty one from a friend, and I cannot walk more than a few blocks with that load. However, makes good sense for a planned shoot. Mmm, I wish I could boast ownership of a D700 (envy kicking in)…a 600mm lens for you…which vantage point would you shoot from? A roof top or the street?
      Thanks for the link! You are so right! Have you checked out this post on Times Square? :)

      • David says:

        I was thinking of a shot from the street, but now I think about it, a shot from further away, catching the tops of the surrounding buildings, with the Empire State rising out of them.

        I looked at a D700 yesterday. The viewfinder is huge – a real pleasure.

        I saw your Times Square article when you posted it – I love the first shot – the man looks like he’s protesting against the traffic while the woman waits at the crossing.

        • The Juicer says:

          Awesome! ‘Cause I was thinking that too:) You are tempting me with this talk about the D700. Maybe I will enlist myself for a loan:)
          I apologize, for forgetting that you have read that post. That was one of the most efficient days from my numerous photo walks. And prolific too. I had clicked a little more than 500 shots that day!

  • Neil Reid says:

    Thanks again, and for this extension from your walk in the rain. I confess, and it is probably me and right now, but I’ve a hankering for B&W, so that first shot is just very Gotham or gothic and pleasing that way. Quiet, calm. Does it feel that way on the street? Or do you have to see above the bustle? NYC, I’ve no clue.

    But I’m sure there’s a way to be calm, even inside a crowd.

    And this is a reminder of a transition too for me. When I was a kid, just couldn’t stand people being in my pictures, “Please Uncle Lou, step aside while to shoot those flowers there.” Shameless! And now I am mostly usually all the opposite in desire.

    But I am always the glad student to your eye.

    Gotta go work more on my next RWP Poem Prompt. Clocks counting! And I’m still deeply uncertain about what I have. (Nothing new.) And via Vicki’s blog, I’m jealous, so many going on vacation now! Mine’s not till November.

    And maybe what you need is some eager young student with a nice strong back to help you lug your equipment around the town, tripods and all. You think? I’d gladly assist were the plane ride not so long! But you have fun…

    • The Juicer says:

      No where near calm or serene in Manhattan. Other boroughs do promise some of that. But the architecture changes:)
      To be calm or serene? Yes that is possible:)
      You mention a very interesting transition. I am fascinated by people. I relate to and in some way can interact with their photographs. When I click cityscape, I end up seeing it as an extension of people. However, clicking Nature, feels very different. There is a certain distance between me and the image formed. I am only the observer. Sometimes, I even feel like an outsider. But, that’s me, not a general rule.
      Oh the vacations! That blogger group definitely seems to be synchronizing their time-off! Including me:) I am hoping I get to blog while I am away, but afraid it might get too hectic.
      Looking forward to the results of your Poem Prompt. And thanks for the consideration towards my Tripod gripe:)

      • Neil Reid says:

        Thanks. We are some polar I guess. The very concept of NYC gives me the willies some. Although that’s partly what I so appreciate about you and sharing your perspectives there; might be a small town boy, but that don’t mean I can’t learn and adopt another point of view – like yours. And just look at you! Feeling yourself an “outsider” with nature, just exactly where I feel most at home and at ease. A fallen limb, the way leaves regard a creek, a trail of ants, anything – home to me. I understand.

        There’s a small seaside town not far from here, and most all the stores close each day around seven by the latest. Less “convenient” I do understand, but still, I find it a charm to be inside! Polar, yes my friend. I’m amused.

        And you please do rest, or whatever pleases you most in vacationing. If you’re away from the web, yes, you’ll be missed, but we’ll await. You be happy please!

        Posted my poem prompt. But like always – I don’t know. For now, it is the process of following that interests me. Some like red, some like blue, who’s to say. And see, two of my most “natural”, granted impressionistic, poems have drawn no response – Postcards and The Storm. And in art, I love abstract – poems too some at least. Why I’m so fond of your rainy town! But you gotta do what you gotta. And room enough for lots of views all round I think. And as I continue to learn from you in your NYC.

  • seanfraser says:

    Hi Juicer, I didn’t realise that it is now the tallest NY building… great shots…have a relaxing vacation……catch up when you get back

  • Lindsey Best says:

    Nice shots. If I could plan a shoot like this I’d probably use my 12-24 :]

  • artbcad says:

    Great picture – I have 38 geg pics with my fuji finepix and am looking for an SLR – my first – and i’ll look in to a D700 and a 60mm lens Thanx for the look

  • Saundra says:

    I agree with Scott: you should be famous by now. Then I can say, I know the Juicer! Incredible as always. When are you publishing a giant coffee table book of your photos?

    • The Juicer says:

      Do you have any idea how much fun it is just sharing with you and everyone here? A coffee table book will be a riot!:) NYC over coffee…mmm delicious! :)

      • Neil Reid says:

        Great! You said it just right, about sharing here! Plus add to that, how much we delight in getting to say appreciation too! A book would certainly be a big bonus, and you have more than enough talent and skill already, certainly. Although a book don’t talk. And who says a blog ain’t published! That’s my 25 cents.

        And someday should you ever think to sell your photography directly, like you know, the way artists do, certainly count me in. A Shipra “original”, that would be cool!

        • The Juicer says:

          So sorry for replying late..hope being away on vacation is an excuse you will accept? :)
          I would put my stock in your 25 cents! Yes, blogging is equivalent to being published, and that’s one reason I take it quite seriously. Not just another back burner on my list, a hobby, a social networking platform or a passing fetish.
          Thanks for putting your trust in me, I will count on you when/if I decide to sell! Here’s a wayward thought- could it be that one would be too modest to ever sell? :D
          Maybe I will change someday.

          • Neil Reid says:

            Dear Shipra, first and foremost, WELCOME HOME, WELCOME BACK! They say that’s shouting or perhaps rude, but you’ll know better, simply sincere. Won’t you now?

            I am glad for your vacation time! I am. And I am delighted to have you back with us again too! And thank you for all your other generous replies as well. I’ll let them and you catch your breath a little more, and look forward to what new you have now to share. So I’ll keep myself lassoed right here today.

            Glad you share my sentiments about publishing. A blog-poet-friend of mine posted a wonderful piece about “not another poet!” within our contemporary scene. Not disparagingly, but honestly and with consideration for how it was then, and how it is now. I think maybe the same applies to photography! I take it as a sage source of wisdom about us now and how we can contribute here. (I’ll see if I can’t look that posting up for you.) And this applies to the second notion here as well…

            Shipra, simply put, you have already well and deservedly “earned my trust”, as you say. And now, what’s left is simply the part that’s next, that part we don’t yet, thankfully, know – what next how we might grow in both craft and heart. You think? Or might you deflect a bit, “too modest to ever sell?”, and I do understand. How do you think I’ve felt myself! Wayward thought, yea, I know. And it is not about getting a big head, or waking up some day – thinking yea, this is it, I know what I’m doing now and it’s good (a day we could all do without!). It is about being honest. How much do you value, appreciate what others offer and give into your life? Then you have to ask and answer – do they value and appreciate me too? Am I contributing honestly who I am? If you can answer those in the affirmative, then time to allow self-lessening thoughts take a back seat. (‘Nuf said for now!)

            Maybe I say too much? But I’m growing less patient when being polite means saying less than might express to how and where we live. Don’t like the notion of wasting a moment of what we might be sharing instead. Your photography. My words.

            You have my encouragement, my support, my appreciation. Now you go do what pleases you! I’m for that!

            Last, at the risk of being inappropriate – you have lovely toes!

            Please, no foot fetish, mine, but just having my happy thought for the day! Hope I amuse.

  • Vicki says:

    You amaze me! Love you and your talent!

  • I love this series!!
    It makes me view the Empire State on a different view!

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