Anchored in Shadows

July 15, 2009 § 22 Comments



I had resolved to have a weekly post up by Tuesdays. As you may have noticed by now, I have faltered this week!

Little bouts of ill-health rocked me and challenged me phenomenally for the past few days.

They come and go, these recurring, senile days. And they get me all upset. Whatever went wrong with my body to turn on me so?

If only I was eating more healthy, getting a good night’s sleep, and would not take stress. If only I had not spent the majority of my adult life years tapping away on a computer. If only I had not gotten addicted to coffee, eh, smoking. Vices pile on like laundry. And in time, I acquire more garb. Each one, dark and elusive like a shadow.

If only it wasn’t so, I would be just fine.

Just like childhood summer days. Each one, like a light and colorful shadow. Buoyant.

Just like this pic I posted on Twitter earlier today. I titled it ‘Anchored’. And then Nat Connacher (a wonderful friend and an accomplished artist), responded with an apt caption: Childhood Summer.

That he said so, was uncanny. Although I had left the title a little ambiguous while posting it; I was longing for an anchorage back in the childhood summer days. To feel my body, in a non-adult like way.

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