Serenity at Brooklyn Bridge

July 1, 2009 § 16 Comments

The Brooklyn Bridge has played it’s own diligent part in New York City history since 1883. And is well known for it’s strong bias towards leisurely pedestrian walks :)

(You will find the rest at Wikipedia!)

Quite easy to spot- this magnificent beauty soars above the East River like a giant palindrome. Walk through, feel the wind rushing over it’s arches, look over the Manhattan skies, spot boats and ships wobbling in the river beneath, bike, stroll or just hang along the side rails in abandon or delight. It’s not just the tourists that flock here like pigeons from faraway lands, the locals harbor here too.

In this post, I scour pieces from the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Walking across this bridge is a two part process for me, one half of the bridge at a time. Will not sound illogical if you consider that the length of the bridge is almost 6000 feet! Or consider the idea that I can be slightly eccentric at times:)

I walked under and over the bridge, half way into the East River and then dutifully trudged back!

What was I thinking?

A bridge symbolizes a meeting point for two worlds that were apart. Once the two meet, they mingle and converse. That is how our culture has sprawled from one place to another, along the rivers and other water-bodies. The beauty of a bridge is not just that it connects, but also that it represents, very graphically, two different entities meeting halfway. And so, in that spirit, I split my walk into half, just to let this idea grow in my head: feel the distance in between the two banks, experience their separation as well as their closeness.

As you might know, Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, a sister island if I may say, lying right across the East River. It became a part of New York City in 1898. Despite being an integral part of this city for over a 100 years, it has its very own, distinct flavor to it.

Now, I will travel from Manhattan to Brooklyn, one bank to another, slowly along the Brooklyn bridge. Humor me, please.

This week, let’s savor the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge, while I still have my anchor down. Next week, we set sail to our sister borough!


Approaching the Brooklyn Bridge.

The view from the pedestrian walkway:

NikonD90 18mm 1/320s F/22


Cables that link the towers to the length of the bridge.

And a captive admirer:

NikonD90 18mm 1/200s F/22


Curvilinear metal rails.

Extending along the length:

NikonD90 18mm 1/100s F/22


The immense arches, granite and limestone.

And a dwarfing feeling:

NikonD90 18mm 1/80s F/22



And was so, for the longest time:

NikonD90 105mm 1/320s F/5.6


Turning around and facing Manhattan.

An impending sunset struggled with the clouds:

NikonD90 18mm 1/800s F/22


And just like that, a minute later…

The sun was gone:

NikonD90 18mm 1/100s F/22


The diagonal cables.

Overheard that they serve no support function at all, as was originally expected of the plan. However, the cables were still retained for aesthetic purposes:

NikonD90 32mm 1/160s F/22


Look Ma, a boat!

And in sailed another one, from the right end of the frame:

NikonD90 105mm 1/100s F/22


How about an element of surprise?

Hint: It rocks in it’s underbelly.

Right on the east bank and under the Brooklyn Bridge, is a hidden, rustic and quaint skateboarding cove. I just can’t wait to introduce you to some young skateboarders here!
The young who know all about trying, falling, getting back up and trying again.
A new post coming up tomorrow, to round off this splash on the east bank. Prepare for some charming fellas to take stage!

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§ 16 Responses to Serenity at Brooklyn Bridge

  • Brooklyn bridge will always remind me of Woody Allen’s Manhattan: that image of him and Diane sitting on a bench overlooking BB. :)

    Nice pictures!

    • The Juicer says:

      Thanks, Purely-Narcotic.
      Your nickname also reminds me of Woody Allen :)
      And I love Woody’s Manhattan! Nobody gets Manhattan as he does. Popular entertainment shows like ‘Friends’ and ‘Sex in the City’, do entertain, but barely attempt to even scratch the surface.

  • Talia says:

    hi, this is some impressive adventure & fabulous pictures to show it all off.

    please keep up the great work, and give us more…


  • Yashasvi says:

    I liked this series and the writing too! It was good fun going through this.
    and be honest, you just introduced me to the brooklyn bridge properly. I was under the impression that automobiles also cross this bridge! Didn’t know that it’s the same concept that London got in the year 2000 and called it the Millennium bridge (which is also a pedestrian’s path).

    I do wish you get to photograph the bridge in a more contrasty setting. I don’t know from what side the sun rises and sets, but that is probably the time when it can get very contrasty ..while the sky still shows blue!

    • The Juicer says:

      Thank you Yash!
      Automobiles do cross the bridge, but the pedestrian path is built right above it, with a much better view and a quiet respite from traffic (that would have been alongside).

      You echo my thoughts. I do need to click the bridge in an early morning and a late evening setting. It’s almost mandatory :) What I am lacking above is a panorama captured along the length of the bridge, and juxtaposed against a contrast-y background. I hope I have the right gear to capture this tall structure’s perspective!

      Another contrast, which you will enjoy, is a little slice of life under the bridge! Do check out the skateboarders at Brooklyn Banks tomorrow:)

      • Yashasvi says:


        And it was a good prelude text you gave for what’s coming next in your series on the Brooklyn bridge.
        Eagerly waiting to checkout the X-gamers! ;)

        • The Juicer says:

          Thanks! I wasn’t sure if everyone would get it really, but I hope it makes sense. The fact that one bank of the bridge has a slightly different life than the other.
          Can’t wait to hear your comments on the next post!

  • terryodee says:

    Loving it!

  • Deb says:

    If you can drag yourself out of bed early enough, get to the bridge just after the sun crests the horizon. 5 or 6 buildings face due east and reflect the light back as the sun comes up.

    • The Juicer says:

      Thank you Deb!!
      I definitely have to plan an early morning trip! And your cue really helps me visualize the treat I am in for!
      Do keep-a-visiting! Appreciate your feedback very much.

  • imputuhena says:

    sweeeettt….. i’ll make sure to get these angles next time i’m there :) i really like “facing manhattan” and “the diagonal cables”

  • Neil Reid says:

    Still playing hooky for a bit – but next to work.

    Nice thing about “catching up” with all your posts, sort of like a Christmas dawn, everything waiting to be unwrapped. Tomorrow maybe I’ll cross the bridge with you.

    But today, a beautiful view of what must be so gladly familiar for you. I love the pedestrian walkway “above” the traffic. What a lovely place to walk. I’m most casual myself, jeans you know, but I can even imagine a day with ladies and gentlemen out for a proper stroll across the river here – kind of a pleasant non-memory to envision. Sun or rain, do you like it both ways? Think I would. Maybe sometime in the rain?

    I think I like to fall in love in the rain!

    • The Juicer says:

      I do love the idea of ladies and gentlemen out on the bridge for a ‘proper stroll’…and how beautifully said…” a pleasant non-memory to envision”!:)
      Sometime in the rain? Why not! Would love to snatch up a chance to do that too.
      I know what you mean…there’s something about the rain and how it stirs up emotions. If only we let ourselves go, and not run away from it:)

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