Meandering Days- Part Two

June 23, 2009 § 6 Comments

This is Part-Two of the previous post, meandering Days.

Yeah, I am reiterating, because I would not want  you to miss out on Part One! :)

And what do we have here? My meandering through the city continues.

But the streets get more populated, moving from solitary serenity to intriguing hub-hub. The days slide from light to dark. And as these streets fill in, they fill our photo walks with myriad impressions.

Towards the middle of my walk are images from one of the music performances organized by MMNY: a piano concert at Cornelia Street.  MMNY is a celebrated project of sorts. Artists & musicians perform at hundreds of locations throughout the city on the first day of summer, Sunday, June 21st. They are everywhere: on the streets, in the parks, on the sidewalks. It’s a Sunday to get out and revel in the tunes floating in the air. For once, no, they are not from your ipod.

Sadly, it rained most of this Sunday, and although the sun shone intermittently, the gloomy weather quite succeeded in marring the event. Quite a few performances were canceled or moved indoors. Perhaps, the weather influenced me a bit too: I found myself ditching the rock bands and listening to serene symphonies.

Here we go now. From one day to another, post to post, eye to eye.

Part Two of my meanderings for you:

NYC- People-Street














And now a brief diversion into Cornelia Street. Four pianos played Steve Reich‘s Music for 18 Musicians. Conducted by Michel Galante. A simple and a minimalist affair in every sense, this one was a treat I hope some of you did not miss! The musicians were quite camera shy. I found them avoiding eye contact every-time I tried to make one:) So I let them be, and clicked the ambience instead.

Entering Cornelia Street: Amidst the grit and the puddles were ardent listeners and extraordinary musicians.














Later, onwards to Washington Square Park.

I was hoping to catch some funk music by Pimps of Joytime. But the performance had been canceled, and I took to shooting in and around the park:







And now, a few images from my way back. Street lights, fading motions and ghostly shadows. Sunday nights are so much quieter, even in the Village. I am tempted to go back and capture the desolate streets.





Of course, 6th Avenue is an exception! The crowds rushed around, unabated.

NikonD90 VR18-105mm 32mm ISO400 1/1.3s F/11


Time to toss your comments and observations at me! I appreciate them,  always.

– The Juicer at work

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§ 6 Responses to Meandering Days- Part Two

  • Som says:

    shipra, the small girl playing in the fountain is really cute and it has come out very good……nicely taken….

    • The Juicer says:

      Thank you, Som. This kid was running around the fountain like on a race track! The day was cloudy and drizzl-y and I was just praying that I had enough light coming in to catch her at right shutter speed! And then, just when I took this shot, she seemed to slow down a bit and looked straight at me! Quite a moment :)

  • shantanu says:

    here is my confession. before I read your post I always first scroll to check your pictures. Awesome pictures

  • sadhavi says:

    i just went through the pictures and the intro and must say u write brilliantly am rather impressed:)…..quite an inspiration if i might add…it’s reeeeally cute….shall keep following ur blog now on….

    • The Juicer says:

      Welcome to Big Apple juice! So glad you enjoyed the writing, and even found it inspiring. Thanks for embarking on this journey with me!
      Hoping I can start another blog sometime in the near future…just focused on writing.

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