A Start!

May 25, 2009 § 28 Comments


Pedestrians in NYC. 37th Street & 6th Ave

A warm welcome to Big Apple Juice!

I am currently in the process of extracting the first juicy glassful from this wondrous city.

My latest Spark Plug will be up, out and about, within a couple of days. Look out for new updates to come this week!

And hey, thanks for visiting!

See you here soon.

– The Juicer at work

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§ 28 Responses to A Start!

  • Bhavna says:

    Hurry up! Hurry Up!
    Dying of thirst for the first juicy glassful…and many more in rapid succession!

    [My 2 ounces of pressure on your creative brain to churn out more of this goodness, fast! :)]

  • The Juicer says:

    A shout out to my first commenter! :) Thank you for visiting Bhavna!
    I will have something to quench your benign thirst very soon! Keep your eyes peeled!
    Appreciate the nudge (er…pressure:D)

  • Ritin says:

    Great start! I like the name “juicer” :)

  • Yashasvi says:

    Nice :)

    Waiting for more.. but really cool first image to open the blog.

    • The Juicer says:

      Yashasvi- thanks! The City just has so much to offer! Keeps me on my toes and wondering. So- I will not make you wait too long:)
      I hope to take and put up many more interesting images. And keep getting your feedback as always.

  • Satyam says:

    Looks neat, like the visual and makes me wait for the first serving after the teaser. C’mon, make a follower out of me.

  • The Juicer says:

    Satyam- thanks for the comments! First serving within a day or two!
    Getting you to follow me will be a treat, not to mention an accomplishment! :)

  • shantanu says:

    Very good picture… write more… should llet your creative juices flow

    • The Juicer says:

      Shantanu…your passion for photography was one of the first up & close influences on me! I am so glad you like this picture!
      Yeah…planning to write more on the next post. Juicing it. Stay tuned :)

  • surfaraz says:

    great picture… I love the name “Big apple Juice” ..cant wait for new updates… all the best…

    • The Juicer says:

      Thanks a ton Surfaraz! I wanted to keep the title simple & a little refreshing :) Really really appreciate your visiting :)

  • Som says:

    Very nice photograph….wanted to know only apple juice will be served through out the year or other flavors also will be added depending on the season…:)

    • The Juicer says:

      Hi Som

      First, thanks for visiting! Your support matters.
      Second, if the appetite continues to thrive like this, I might think about expanding the menu. If it justifies the content. But I would not want to jump the gun here…this blog is just beginning to walk :)
      I will be adding links to other cool websites soon, from cities across the world. Hope that opens up some flavorful pitchers for you to indulge in! :)

  • Amol says:

    congratulations !
    i am sure you will come up with a rich blend.

    that song by simon & garfunkel comes to mind as you embark to write about NYC ;
    It’s all happening at the zoo
    I do believe it
    I do believe it’s true…
    The monkeys stand for honesty
    Giraffes are insincere
    And the elephants are kindly but they’re dumb
    Ourangoutangs are skeptical
    Of changes in their cages
    And the zookeeper is very fond of rum

    Zebras are reactionaries
    Antelopes are missionaries
    Pigeons plot in secrecy
    And hamsters turn on frequently
    What a gas
    Ya gotta come and see
    At the zoo

    hv fun ….will look out for updates, cheers

    • The Juicer says:

      Thank you so very much Amol!
      Wow…this poem/song just stamps a wonderful image in my mind :) I love the apt metaphoric connection. Beautiful. And thanks for sharing!
      Writing about NYC will be such a challenge…but a fun challenge at that! I hope to keep you engaged :)

  • Amit says:

    Start is interesting, intriguing and inspiring ! Let the eventful journey begin !!

  • But where are the pictures and the posts and the write-ups? Get on with it! :-/

    Have fun on the ride!

    • The Juicer says:

      Shilpa :)
      Here’s a story for you. And some images: Check out ‘The heart beat’ :)
      I know you will enjoy it! And wasn’t it worth the wait?
      (lets forget the horror stories about the html attempts all night :D)

  • Betty says:

    “I want to run
    I want to hide
    I want to tear down the walls
    That hold me inside
    I want to reach out
    And touch the flame
    Where the streets have no name
    Where the streets have no name”

    kudos, for getting here… You know though U2 wrote this song about Belfast, I kind of identify this song with NYC where the streets actually have no name.
    Yeah and i like juicer too ,though it does have a serial pyscopath kind of undertone to it .
    Tired of reading mails, this would be a welcome change!
    U go girl !!!

    • The Juicer says:

      Hey Amit- the journey begins now! thanks for visiting!
      Betty- love how NYC inspires people! And inspires you. This blog identifies with that very idea! And so do I.

  • Cecil says:

    Great pics!!!! Such an interesting artical. Love it!!! Keep it up, will check back for more exciting stories~

  • Fernando says:

    Congratulation nice work, keep working hard juicer

  • terryodee says:

    Yep, you sure are a creative spirit girl and I think it wonderful :-))

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